August Newsletter

Biggest wedding expenses and ways to save

Here in late summer, we are right in the thick of wedding season. According to, three of the top five most popular wedding months of the year are on the horizon with August, September, and October accounting for a sizable 42 percent of all weddings in 2017.

Considering the average couple takes about one year to plan their wedding, here are some of the most significant wedding expenses that you and your family may encounter on the big day and ways to save.

Reception venue

Often the largest expense of most weddings, the average cost of a wedding reception venue in 2018 was $15,439 according to the Knot’s 2018 Real Wedding Study. With
the average total wedding cost coming in at $33,931,
that means the reception venue makes up 45 percent
of the total wedding cost alone.

Of course, this cost is also one of the most variable as it depends on factors such as location, time of year, and
what will be included at the reception venue. If working with a wedding planner, start hunting down reception venues as early as possible to try and secure lower pricing. Additionally, look out for headcount minimums that some venues may require.

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