You’ve spent a lifetime saving—now, is it time to learn how to spend? If you’re part of the financially shrewd
percentage of the population that has a healthy nest egg, don’t let spending paralysis keep you from enjoying those hard-earned dollars. Consider these five reasons why you should flout tradition and spend your money in retirement:

1. Spending Doesn’t Always Mean Wasting

Sometimes, spending money upfront can reduce spending later on; spending money on reliable vehicles can help you avoid high maintenance costs, and spending on regular health checkups and good food can help you avoid expensive health problems.

2. Not Everything Requires a Lump Sum Payment

Long-term care insurance, 529 plans and health savings accounts exist for a reason—to help you save for and protect yourself from large costs in the future.

For example:
Pay $2,007/year now rather than $83,950/year later for long-term care expenses.

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