December Newsletter

How to steer clear of holiday season scams

Opt for secure shopping sites

Though many shoppers will find themselves browsing trusted retailers such as Amazon or Walmart this holiday season, hunting down a hot item can sometimes lead to an unfamiliarwebsite. According to cybersecurity research company RiskIQ, 5.5 percent of Black Friday related apps and 4.6 percent of Cyber Monday related apps were deemed malicious and unsafe.  Consumer spending this holiday season is expected to rise 14.8 percent compared to last year, and scammers will be looking to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers.  If you’re considering an online purchase from an unfamiliar
retailer, be sure to look up reviews of that site before turning over your personal information. Seek reviews from friends, social media, and forums to hear of past customers’ experiences with the seller. Additionally, shop only on websites that have a secure connection, indicated by a URL that starts with HTTPS.

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