Financial Newsletter: March 2017

How Americans are saving for retirement

Recent estimates indicate that the Social Security Trust Fund
will run out of its surplus in 2034. Once this occurs, program payouts are expected to be worth only about 77 percent of
current benefits. Unfortunately, one-third of retirees rely
on social security payments for at least 90 percent of their retirement income. With social security payouts likely headed for significant reduction, contributing to self-directed retirement accounts is more crucial than ever. Just how are Americans doing
when it comes to saving for their future?

How America saves

According to a TransAmerica Center survey, the
typical American expects to retire at 67 but actually
ends up retiring five years earlier than anticipated.
A shortened career means less time for earning and saving,
as well as more time spent withdrawing from accounts. This further emphasizes how saving for retirement is even more crucial than some Americans might assume.

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