June Newsletter

Tips for homeowners
to save this summer

The tail end of winter in 2019 was among the coldest in recent history, bringing temperatures not seen in most locations for over 20 years and even setting some record lows. With the “polar vortex” now well in the rearview, consumers are gearing up for the summer season to kick off. This is an opportune time for many homeowners to tackle different remodeling projects around the house. Before the season officially begins on June 21,
here are some tips for saving on these new additions.

Use longer light hours for landscaping needs

Graduation parties, barbecues, and holidays add up to a higher likelihood of hosting family and friends in the summer months. Early summer is a great time to get a head start on landscaping projects that will bring your yard to life. Although retail sales may be tough to find, opting to complete yard work on your own can bring sizable savings compared to hiring a landscaping company.

According to improvenet.com, the median cost for yard maintenance services in the U.S. is $226 per month but can cost up
to $700 per month on the top end.

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