May Newsletter

Seven ways to save in late spring

With temperatures rising and summer just around the corner, many consumers are looking ahead to exciting times after an especially cold winter. Late spring is an excellent time to take a step back to see how your finances have progressed over the first several months of the year.  For those who made financial-related New Year’s resolutions, this is a good check-in point to consider what has gone well thus far and what needs to change in the months moving forward to reach your 2019 goals. Also, now is the time to prepare for increases in spending as students return home on their summer break and activities become more frequent.  Here are seven ways to save in late spring to get back on track for your goals and ready for fun in the coming months.

1. Leverage your tax refund

By now, most taxpayers have received their refunds or are expecting them in early May. Instead of blowing this newfound cash on a shopping spree, allocate this towards an upcoming event or vacation for you and the family.  According to Credit Sesame, the average tax refund of 2019 so far is $3,068, which can go a long way towards some family fun.

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