Making Augmented Marketing a Reality

Augmented reality (technology that combines computer-generated images with elements gathered from real-life surroundings) once seemed like a futuristic improbability from a science fiction film. Many modern technological developments, from navigational services to medical imaging, have been shaped by augmented reality. These innovations have also impacted phone application and video game development, most notably by the recent smartphone game phenomenon “Pokémon Go.”  In order to play the game, “Pokémon Go” requires users to walk around outdoors and visit public places, most often religious buildings, parks and local landmarks. With “Pokémon Go” and similar apps requiring millions of users to be in public—and near stores—for gameplay, the relevance of augmented reality technology could present long-term changes in how businesses market themselves.

Local Businesses

Small businesses that are near in-game locations of “Pokémon Go” (known as “PokéStops” and “Gyms”) are seeing a noticeable increase in foot traffic and have leveraged the game’s popularity to their advantage. Offering game-related discounts or using in-game items to attract players, local businesses are capitalizing on the need for players to access specific locations.

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