October Newsletter

moving tips

Moving can be a stressful experience in many ways. Not only do you need to prepare nearly everything you own for safe travel to your new home, but there are a number of financial hurdles that can pop up along the way. With so many variables involved, it comes as no surprise that moving is constantly ranked as one of life’s most stressful events. In fact, a study from British energy company Eon found that consumers ranked moving as more stressful than both a break up/divorce and starting a new job.

Thankfully, with a little preparation, many of the financial stressors of a move can be greatly reduced. Here are some steps to consider taking before your move gets underway.

Fall is a financially-friendly time

The summer months are unquestionably the most popular time to move with great weather and more flexible schedules. That said, movers can score deals by opting for
a fall season move. Though temperatures might be a bit crisper, many landlords will be willing to offer incentives
to fill their vacancies. Look for opportunities such as rent discounts, lower deposits, and reduced utility bills as potential scores. Moving companies will likely offer
lower rates with the drop in demand.